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      Howdy to All 2011 Adams participants!

      I’m excited to be participating again this year – the 10th Anniversary of Flags on the 48 and 9/11.

      Sorry I’ve been delinquent about posting our route/plan. Several/most of us are from Connecticut & regularly see each other at work or through Facebook, etc.

      I have several flags and plenty of poles/gear options from last year’s successful trek up Zealand. We plan to fly the 8′ x 12′ flag, possibly a much bigger one Geo owns if we can work out the mast logistics in time. I also have a 4′ x 6′ & 6′ x 10′ if we had a reason to bring those too.

      Please feel free to make/bring any items along to post/explain what we’re about for visitors, or for a small ceremony when we hoist the flag. We’re wide open for ideas. And cameras of course!

      As for specific plans/route, there are several options being kicked around.

      Some in the group may hike up and camp somewhere Saturday night, while others may just hike up Sunday morning. Possible camp options include Osgood or Valley Way Tentsites. The Osgood Trail route (from Rte 16) is longer (~6.6 mi total), but easier than other more direct but steeper routes from the north side (Rte 2).

      I’m still on the fence about my personal plans.

      Either way I’ll be driving up Saturday afternoon from NY City. So I’ll either hike in by dusk to meet those camping or meet the group in the morning and head up.

      I’ll try to get a more definite answer about the campers and route soon.

      Please feel free to contact me to chat about your hiking abilities, ideas, thoughts or whatever.

      Peace Out

      Gary Hebert
      mobile (860) 213-0046 text/call/voice messages.

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        So here’s an update….

        the small “camping” group will take Lowe’s Path to Gray Knob and reside overnite Saturday (backup option is Crag Camp), then finish the assault Sunday morning with us.

        The Sunday morning hiking group will take Lowe’s Path.

        AMC Guidebook estimates:

        Lowe’s Path
        3.2 miles ~3hours 10min,gaining 3050ft to Gray Knob
        1.5 miles ~1hours 20min, gaining 1400ft to Mt Adams

        4.7miles ~4 1/2hours, gaining 5450ft total to Mt Adams

        That’s a pretty steep climb, but great views.

        Our assignment is to hoist our flag by 12pm flying it until 2pm;

        Therefore I recommend an early start Sunday…

        Plan to park (probably at Lowe’s Store) & be ready to hike @ 7am;

        Not much to carry, but we’ll gladly share the load.

        If you’re not there by 7am, we’ll start up & see you up top. We’ll meet the campers along the way or up top.

        If you have other plans, kindly email, call, or text a heads up. Glad to have you along.

        Bring snacks, cameras, Patriotic “stuff”, etc.!
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