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      What is the age span of the NH 9/11 Memorial Hikers?

      I know some of you old timers but have seen tiny hikers mentioned.

      Who’s the oldest?
      Who’s the youngest?

      I was just wondering and had nothing better to do…



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        Two years ago I joined my dad Max on Cannon with my wife and my son. At the time, he was 15 months old. We took the tram, so he didn’t officially hike, but I would think he was one of the youngest to participate. I hope to take him again with me this year, weather permitting.


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          I qualify as the shortest…….Does that get me anything other than sarcasm :flag:

          The first year, we have a picture of a youngster on Field. That may be the youngest. Oldest 🙄 I’m not touching that one.

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            I may be the oldest. I’m the 2nd shortest — after ghostdog.

            Still hiking strongly at 95 y/o!

            Anyone else want to share their age?!

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              I’m as old as my tongue, and a little bit older than my teeth. 😀

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                Yup, hands down SilentCal is the most seriously vertically challenged so far…
                Jeeze, Magic. Grace and I were wondering…how old would that really be?
                Very cool tradition Smitty, 3 generations!
                MichaelJ… very clever.
                So is anyone else taking tiny hikers up the peaks this year?

                dirt -girl

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                  We also had 3 generaations on Pierce this year. My grandson is 13 months. Matthew “hiked” up on the backs of his parents, it would be interesting to know who the youngest “real” hiker was.

                  As for the age of Matthew’s grandparents, we plead the fifth!

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                    It was great to have Matthew on Pierce, he is quit a Character, I hope to see him next year! The gray jays were happy to see him go though, they could swoop in and get some Cheerios he left behind! Thanks for the great company on Pierce, you have a wonderful family.

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                        My son, Ethan, just turned 10 on August 28. He not only hiked, but also carried both flags… and our lunch… and a bunch of other stuff … and it was his idea to do the hike… He may not have been the youngest, but he sure loves hiking. This was his 35th 4000 footer and certainly the most memorable thus far!
                        2005- Whiteface

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                          Welcome Wardsgirl, Glad to hear that your crew had a spendid time. Great to see a youngster interested in hiking and this event! We hope you can join us for years to come.

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                            Last year, the newest addition to our family, my nephew, was just one week over 3 months old. Granted he did not hike under his own power and he slept most of the way but he made it to the top. We did it again this year and he is just over 15 months. He is pictured on the top of Waumbeck. His picture never made it last year.

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                              Very very cool wardsgirl! Welcome and thanks for participating.
                              So far as I can tell, Ethan may be the youngest hiker this year. :flag: :flag:
                              Frodo’s girl hiked last year and this year as well, I think is oly 12. :flag: :flag:
                              What a great thing to encourage the young ones to do!!
                              Youngest participant, so far this year… probably Matthew.
                              :flag: :flag:
                              Besides the incredibly ancient Magic 🙄 I’ve noticed a strange silence among the senior hikers…. hummm?
                              I plan on being loud and proud when I am pushing 60, 70 or even 80 and still hiking the Whites.

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                                No need to worry about you being loud when your 60, your already loud…… (Grace put me up to that one) :flag:

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                                  Madison will always be 21. :beer: :beer:

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