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    is there a peak coordinator for Mt. Willey? Want to email them, but no one is listed. If we don’t have one I’d be happy to volunteer.

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    We’ll move you over. Consider yourself the peak coordinator. Thanks for your help.

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    NP – Thanks!

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    HI all-
    This is the first year attending the event. I have blasted this event to our employees to see who would be interested in attending. We have since gotten a few lingering responses, however, the peak we chose is now full. Is it possible for these extra employees to still attend the event even if the peak is already full and they wouldn’t be able to register?


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    I have done 5 FOT48 hikes over the last 8 years, and would just add for new participants, if you have a peak you want to do, and it’s full as far as registration, climb that peak anyways. I have been on a few as registered, and a few without because I was late on sign up day. Pick your peak, and DO IT! Registration is limited to ten, and most I have done had more than ten participants anyways. Always the more the merrier, check your peak in trips and routes, and offer help or equipment if needed, peak coordinators will “usually” respond with their plans. Just my thoughts..

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    Hi, I have been unable to contact my coordinator, despite repeated attempts. Any ideas? No routes or times listed for South Twin.
    Doug aka Lorax

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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