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      Flags on the 48 2012 will be held on Saturday, September 8th 2012. On the closest Saturday to September 11th, hundreds of hikers converge on New Hampshire’s 4000 foot peaks and raise flags as part of a memorial to those lost on that fateful day. Flags should be at the peaks and flying by noon-time until at least 2:00 pm. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. This is our 11th year and we do have a streak of covering all 48 peaks going back to 2004. Let’s keep it going.

      ********IMPORTANT NEWS********
      Signups for the event will be on Monday, AUGUST 6th at 6:00pm this year. Peaks go very very quickly so please have a second peak in mind and or be willing to share some of the more popular peaks. We are requesting this year one of two things. We would prefer a picture of the hiking party and the flag at your peak to be posted to the website promptly after the event. If not that, then we would appreciate an e-mail of confirmation that the flag did indeed make it.

      There is alternate access for non-hikers of the event on Cannon, Washington and Wildcat D. Please send me an e-mail or private message should you like one of these particular peaks.

      The event’s homepage is located here:

      Any personal questions can be sent as a private message to me or as an e-mail to the website here:


        Post count: 1307

        Signups are a week away.

        A couple things to rememember.

        The toughest problem that we deal with with signups is persons signing up for multiple peaks. This occurs usually when someone does not get the peak they want and they “jump” to another peak. What this does on the signups end is that it creates a domino effect of jumping and it takes several days to figure out who is going where. The event has been so successful in recent years that several peaks now have multiple flags. This is 100% okay and we encourage groups to work together to help each other out.


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