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      Another year, another event, another successful memorial. We had it all this year…perfect weather, a decent breeze (not to light, not to strong), and flags flying all over. Good job to all the teams who put all their time and effort into this. This event memorializes those we lost 9 years ago, but the beautiful thing about this event I have come to find is that it is not a somber and tearful memorial. I like to think the victums of that tragedy look down on us and are pleased to see people smiling and having fun, but more importantly that people from all walks of this region coming together united, free of politics, bickering and personal biases and produce a thing of beauty and pride. Something like this won’t change the world….but for 2 hours today there were thousands of people standing together united in a common cause. If there is one thing I take pride in for my participation it is that.

      The usual thanks goes out to all those who partcipated today…coordinators, support crews and anyone who stopped in on any of the peaks. And of course a big thumbs up goes out to my fellow steering committee members who make the cog’s run. Chris our tech guy, usually a very thankless job with little recgonition, but of which is a VITAL part to the running of this site. Jay and Frodo who quietly go along every year participating and who receive little recognition for it. I Appreciate it. And to the rest of those on the committee who have helped shape and form it over the years. But most of all I want to thank my little buddy, my bro Silentcal. Having over the years formed a deep friendship with this man I have watched him pour his heart and soul into this event, and the only thing that could have kept away this year was the tragedy which ripped most of that heart and soul from him. He may not have been able to be there today, but he was in spirit. His efforts and accomplishments were easily visible on 48 summits today.

      So now we look forward to a milestone. Next year we go memorialize the 10 year anniversary of the attacks and this event. May it be as wonderful an experience as has these last 9……


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        Thanks Brian,

        So eloquently put. This is truly a humbling event. What a perfect day in all aspects (aside from the absence of SilentCal). Thank you guys for all the effort you have put into this over the years. It was great to meet Frodo and the gang on Lafayette and great to see you at Truant’s after the hike.

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          This was my first experience with this incredible event! Hiked up Liberty with my friend and his 15 year-old son who first brought this event to our attention. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to experience this. Thanks to all of you who made this happen. We plan to make it an annual trek.


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            Yes, thank you all who over the years have grown this event. This was my first and I look forward to participating in it for years to come.


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              Loved it and was grateful for the opportunity. Loved seeing all the flags flying on the Franconia Ridge (with Binoculars). Could you see the flag on North Kinsman?

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                I felt priveledge and great emotion to take part in the ninth commemoration of the 9/11 attacks. We did it with hard work, organization, and class. We did it without malace toward those who might share a common religion or nationality to the attackers. We did it without grandstanding or destruction (real or symbolic.)

                I’ll take part in this memorial as long as I am physically able.

                Thank you to the organizers of this event.


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                  @Panchito wrote:

                  Loved it and was grateful for the opportunity. Loved seeing all the flags flying on the Franconia Ridge (with Binoculars). Could you see the flag on North Kinsman?

                  We could see your flag from Lafayette. Well done!

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