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    We also had a great day. Friends from Maine met us at Pinkham’s and we hiked up with Gail (finishing her 2nd round of NH 4K on Wildcat A). Dan and Dick helped Gail get her flag flying, whic was clearly visible as we trekked over to “A”. Tough spot to raise the flag, so we opted to fly it about 20 feet high at the Vista, which attracted much attention/curiousity. Only on quasi negative comment (“Are you leaving that here – that’s not right”) which was quashed with a quick explanation of our adherence to LNT. Max and Michael’s flag on Carter Dome wa a joy to see, flying high and proud. a great site. We thought we could see one on Middle Carter, but sadly, South looked barren.

    All in all, a great day. Hung in the Pinkham lot waiting for Frank to finish his peakbagging day (Imp shelter to Pinkham). Managed a few brews in the lot before heading over to Woodstock where me saw Mary, Frodo, Shannon, Kathy, SilentCal (great name), Cheryl, Jane, Michelle and Frank. If I missed anyone, until next time!

    Thanks to the organizers of this event. I felt very proud sitting there and just thinking about how lucky I am to be an American. The 9/11 tragedy was a very sad event in our history. I will never forget, but yesterday helped me feel that there the good in our world, at even the smallest levels will never let evil win.

    Another thing I learned: awful nice to just sit at a summit and take in the views. That’s why we are there isn’t it? – SherpaK