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I knew it was going to be a rough hike when I woke up Saturday morning coughing and sneezing. Nonetheless, I met up with Max at the 19-Mile Brook trailhead and off we went. No need to really recap what he’s already said – we got that flag 20′ up in the air and the wind shot it out straight for two hours. It was a powerful scene.

Unfortunately, because of the scrub on the Dome, plus the cloud ceiling which we were almost above at times, we weren’t able to see any other flags, though Greg, yes, I do believe that Max and I could just barely make out your flag on Madison.

A number of folks came by who didn’t know about Flags, and were very thrilled and moved to find out. I feel bad for the three that all did know, wanted to be there, and showed up just after we took it down.

It was terrific to meet SherpaK, Gail, and the rest of the gang, and I regret not joining everyone in Woodstock, but the cold was really getting the best of me and I needed to take the 3-1/2 hour drive home while I was still conscious. As it’s been said, huge thanks to the organizers of this event, and I’ll be submitting my photos once I go through them and pick out the best. For now, I temporarily put up three good ones here,
here, and here.