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Peak Name(s): North and Middle Tripyramid

Rigging: Aluminum poles from Sam’s Club. We lashed it to a tree with a bungy cord.

Comments: The three other hikers we met on the trail were really excited about what we were doing. I hope no one minds, but I also flew an Israeli flag to remember the tragedy that is going on there right now. I thought about flying a Liberian one as well, but I couldn’t get my hands on one.

I like the idea of keeping this thing going and I think the Telegraph article will give us some impetus next year. I’m interested to see just how many flags got up this year. I know that Galehead didn’t have one because that group cancelled.

I’d really like to see someone with a powerful telescopic lens on their camera get on Carrigain or another central mountain and get pics of the others from a distance.