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“sub-peaks of thier choice”

>>>5) The big problem that I see with establishing a list is where do you draw the line? There are over 100 non-NH48 scenic peaks that could be added just for the Whites alone (from 2000-5000′), and if you add in other states, it’s almost endless. It might be a more productive gesture just to allow people to sign up for a “sub-peak” of there choice.<<<

that is a good idea!
i was just thinking the other area state highpoints only, but the idea of signing up for any other peaks (“sub-peak of thier choice”) would be very good – if you make a list from the sign ups it could add quite a few more flags flying and help prevent overpopulating the popular ones with people that wanted to participate but were either too late for the sign ups or can’t plan something that far in advance – – – neither of the above is my situation – i was on mount marcy (ny’s 5344’highpoint) last year 9/11 for a group called “cops on top” – cops on top was also on mount washington on 9/11 last year as they were the previous year and will probably be again this year(info at ) – i would have loved to do south kinsman again this year (a great mountain with great views) but i feel that since the most lives were lost in n.y. it should not be left to chance that someone else would do mt. marcy this year (since i had four guys wanting to do it with me and i ended up going alone on 9/11).