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The day couldn’t have been more perfect for the event. My husband and I actually made it to the summit of Garfield about an hour early, we were so anxious to be on time. We had a 5′ x 8′ flag and aluminum poles about 8 or 9 foot high. The first thing we saw was a loop fastened to the foundation of the fire tower and the flag pole would fit right in it!! We thought we had it made. The wind proved to be a bit much for the poles and we thought they would snap. Other hikers already on the summit tried to help us figure something out. We met two men who had just finished the 48 and they were very nice and tried so hard to help. We finally decided the two of us would just take turns holding it. This sounds easier than it was as the wind really whipped it and sometimes it would wrap around us. But it turned out great because as other hikers came over and read the mission statement I had printed and put in a plastic frame, they began to ask if they could give us a break and hold it. One said he would be honored. It was rewarding to see everyone feel part of that great experience and wasn’t solidarity what it was all about? I don’t know how we would have done it without all the wonderful people. Aren’t hikers great? We made it the two hours with no problems. People thanked us and no one seemed to have anything but positive things to say. Most of the people we saw had heard about the event before. We really enjoyed the group at the Inn afterwards. All wanted to share stories. Thanks for letting us be part of this and thanks to all who organized it.