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1. Posting on other sites
I think we should still do this in order to still generate some interest in the hiking world as to what’s going on. It was nice to hear last year “Hey we knew it was flag day ” from some other folks.

Agreed. I still think it will be a good idea to spread the word about the event to the online hiking community, as the event was born out of it.

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2. On call hikers
Maybe from the posts on other sites we can get some people to volunteer for this. But we would need to know how to inform this group that a summit is available.

I think just inviting others to join the “primary” peak crew will result in some built-in backup. Perhaps we can still consider a “Peak Talk” forum where additional participants can work out logistics with the primary peak team.

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3. Reserved Peaks
I suggest opening these peaks to general sign-up on August 1st. We did have good ideas for these peaks at the meeting and we should keep doing this every year. Who knows what next year will bring.

Great idea. Any inquiries into the reserved peaks yet, Stephen?

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4. Publicity
How much do we actually want? Do we wish for this to remain a hiker-grass roots type of event?
Business Cards to give to fellow hikers at the summit would spread the word around to the core group that we would like to participate.

I think your “How much do we actually want?” question is a good one. Since we have a good chance at full coverage already, I think we should keep it grassroots. If the event gets additional high profile coverage, so be it, but I don’t think it should be specifically sought after. Just my opinion…

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5. Un-Offical 4000 peaks
Little Haystack, Franklin, and Clay jump out as nice spots to fly from. Old Man on the Mountain had one on Sept 11th last year. Not from us but it’s a thought.

I think this should be item #1. We should definitely open up the sub-peaks to coverage. The more flags the better. We should start a list. Here’s a quick one off the top if my head:

  • Guyot
  • Clay
  • Franklin
  • Adams sub-peaks
  • Little Haystack
  • The Huts?
  • Any open ledges/summits?