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The start of our hike was right on schedule at 940 hrs until I realized my hydration pack was leaking. False alarm! It was only too full and leaking out of the cap. The hike up was warmer than anticipated and relatively straight up. This was a really nice day, sunny with occasional breezes and practically no bugs. I split the load of the flagpole with my buddy James and we made it to the summit at about 1120 hrs. It worked out perfect not too heavy with out any sacrifice of rigidity. Dan, James and myself flew our flags right on time at 1200 hrs. The two choices of flags were of course Old Glory and a POW-MIA flag. The turn out was about 30/70; meaning about 30% out of all the persons at the summit knew why we were there. The remaining percentages were intrigued and appreciative of our efforts and for the most part expressed this to us sincerely. This was an event that has lived up to my all my positive anticipations, minus smelling like Gatorade. I thank everyone who took part, supported or contributed to this event as a whole. I hope it went as well for everyone else as it did for me and to the victims for which we made this effort for ‘You Are Not Forgotten’.