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I don’t know why, but this year I found the event to be even more moving that last year. I hope we keep this tradition up, because it truly helps me reflect on what happened two years ago and on where we’re going forward as a nation. I hiked up with a co-worker, Sylvia, and two friends, Basil and Julie (aka Cantdog), and got to the summit right around noon. Just before reaching the summit, I ran into Mike, who had sent me an email just the night before volunteering to bring a 10-foot pole — just the right size to fly a massive flag another friend had lent to me. It was like kismet since I’d never met Mike before (aka Sticks), and would not have been able to fly this massive flag without a suitable-sized pole. Julie and Basil hoisted the flag ala Iwo Jima, and we were blessed with just enough wind to keep it gently flapping and unfurling in the wind. It was incredibly hot on the summit and I now am sporting a pretty bad sunburn, but I wouldn’t have missed this for all the world.

From atop the peak, I dictated some information and quotes to the AP. At the Mooseland later that night, I was lucky enough to have run into Gail Linehan, who graciously agreed to be interviewed for the article. I hope the story did this day justice.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a great day to reflect –and I also enjoyed meeting so many of you at the Mooseland.

Let us never forget …