Little Bear
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    I am so honored to have been a part of this incredible event. Our flag was huge!!! (Thanks Frodo.) I have never been overly moved by the sight of the American flag, but when we got this one up and flying….well…it was a pretty emotional moment.

    As much as I like summits without any structures, etc., I have to admit, the US flag is meant to be flown from mountaintops. What a sight. We were able to see flags on Jackson and Monroe (finally, when the clouds cleared). That flag pole on Monroe was really tall – you could see it without binoculars! When we took the flag down, the summit looked really strange and bare.

    We got a couple of interesting comments from some folks. One woman commented, “Gee, I don’t remember this flag when I was up here in July.” and another man said “Wow, this flag’s in good shape – it’s not frayed or anything.”

    I’d say we had only positive comments from hikers on Saturday. The flag was definitely the focus of lots of photo ops.

    To everyone who helped to organize this event – THANKS!!!! We must never forget the events of 9-11 or those who died on that day. (It really makes you take stock of what is truly important in life.)


    Count me in for next year!

    Little Bear