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    I went with two friends of mine, hiking up Falling Waters and summiting Lincoln shortly after noon. One friend has never hiked before and the other has rarely hiked 4Ks, but both did really well with the steep trail and the windy conditions along the ridge. I gotta tell ya, it was one of the most beautiful days in the mountains — someone or some thing truly blessed us all on this solemn day.

    We brought an American flag kite that wasn’t all that cooperative but managed to stay up in the air for a while anyway. We got not a single negative reaction or comment. In fact, quite a few people nicely asked what we were doing and why. I could only spot one other flag — the one on Lafayette — because of the haze. After a serious dive bomb by the kite, we retrieved it from the krummholz and moved on to Lafayette, where we hung out for a bit before heading back into the valley.

    All around, it was an amazing, moving day. I was with a Brit who has since become an American citizen, and my other friend was one of the first people I spoke with after 9/11. The mountains are the best place, in my book, to spend quiet time (yes, even with the crowds on Franconia Ridge) and really reflect. It’s been a difficult, emotional year, and this really helped to soothe my soul.

    Thanks everyone at AlpineZone for making this happen.