Mike P.
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I like the idea of 50 but I recall either here or on other boards that some of us visit; some people wanted to see other countries represented also as many people from many nations died & it was the WTC not USTC.

The day should be more of remembrance of those lost, friends, co-workers, family, people we did not know, etc instead of just a USA Day.

I don’t have exact number of countries where people died but I think it was near 60 countries. Instead of doing next two lower peaks, you could adopt Trailwrights list so all your destination would all be over 4,000 & many people would be able to see each other on all the points on Adams, The Wildcat crew would have neighbors on all the peaks & could walk back & forth to make up for not seeing each other & Guyot would be able to see 2/3 of Bonds + South Twin

While a majority of people were from NY, CT & NJ, 9/11 touched the entire world.