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    I got a late start and didn;t make it to the top until 12:45. I attached my flag to my tent pole and hoisted it above tree line and waved it around for a while. I heard later that people on top of Garfield did see it. Sticking with the plan as I knew it, I secured the tent pole in a pile of rocks denoting the summit, took some pictures and ate lunch. Noone else summited for the hour I was there. I kept the flag on the tent pole on the hike down. Coming to the outlook I had checked out on the way up, I popped back out and stuck the tent pole in some brush and the flag was now visible by hikers at the Galehead hut below. The view was incredible from here. It occurred to me that, on future raisings, this is the place to put it, after maybe waving it on the summit for those on Garfield to enjoy. I waited until finally a couple of hikers came by to take my picture with the flag. I got a good response from those down below and someone even wrote about the viewing in the hut log book. :beer: