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    Thought I had an extra one. Guess I used it and forgot. Sorry! I spoke too soon. Below is an inexpensive pole idea:

    The flag pole is made from a 10′, 1 1/2″ (inside diameter) wide, schedule 40 pvc conduit with “bell-type” end, and cut in half to 5′ lengths. Two 1/4″ holes, the width of your flag, are drilled through the pvc. Threaded screw (1/2″) eyes, 3/16″ in diameter, 2 1/2″ long are pushed through the holes and are secured using nuts on each of the ends. Four or more lengths of nylon twine cut to size from a 100′ cord will support the pole, using your tent stakes, (or area boulders).

    The pcv is $3.99 or less at your local hardware store and the 2 screw eyes/4 nuts and the nylon cord are about a $1 each.