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    As for a pole system, I got it licked today. It should work perfectly!

    Home Depot:
    Item 048307700087 Plant Stake (1/2 inch – the largest one) $4.49. (you will need 2 of these)
    Item 754826200495 PVC Pipe (3/4 inch) $1.49

    I slid the stakes into the pipe, and when I was sure they would make a tight fit, had them cut the stakes in half, leaving (2) 4 foot sections. I then
    cut the PVC into (5) 2 foot sections. The plant stakes are aluminum covered in green plastic with knobs on them, so they fit nicely. I’ll duct tape each joint (now made with PVC), and then fasten 2 rope loops with duct tape to secure the flag. With any luck, I should be able to get the flag at least 16 feet up, maybe 20. I will tie off the flagpole about 9-10 feet (or higher) up to brace it with parachute cord from Walmart ($1.96). I’ve tried it, (albeit without the flag, as it is in Maine), and it feels strong enough (as long as the winds stay below 20). I’m keeping my fingers crossed.