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The Owls Head team had a spectacular day!

We were on the trail for about 11 hours total, with biking (always fun with 15 feet of PVC pipe duct taped to your bike), exciting stream crossings, the steep scramble to the peak, two folks finishing their 4,000 footers list with us, lots of positive support from everyone we met (more than I had expected on Owls Head), spotting of the flags on Lafayette, Lincoln, and Liberty from the slide, crossing paths with a very oddly attired DOC group, and one very tired dog.

Most impressive was that three of our group were seventh graders – for some this was their first 4k foot peak. These kids did an amazing job all day long, working hard, helping each other out, spreading the message about what we were doing and why. Even at the end of the day as some of the adults were dragging and all were wet, muddy and tired, Rory, Chris and Keith (and Itasca the dog)were out in front, setting the pace and chatting (well, not the dog) and smiling happily. It was a real pleasure for them to be a part of this day.

Thanks to everyone we met who pumped us up and encouraged us as we made our way along.

Our pictures will be up soon. COngratulations to everyone who participated in this wonderful event. The Chester Academy Outing Club will be back next year, hopefully with a slightly ‘easier’ peak and more kids.