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    Happy ending to a potentinally tragic story…

    I like the comment that “everytime you light a candle, you are lighting a small fire in you home”. My wife is big into candles, and this story shows the potential dangers.

    I also want to bring up the dangers of Jiffy Pop 😮 Three years ago, I was cooking some for my kids and became distracted. Before I knew it the whole thing engulfed in flames, with flaming popcorn balls shooting out of it! I bolted from the kitchen and rounded the corner to throw it into the fire place, but alas, the fireplace was filled with cardboard! I then did an about face and ran to the bathroom to throw it in the shower, with flaming grease dripping out of the bottom and little popcorn fireballs shooting out from the top! It was a bad scene!

    I terminated the situation in the shower, but ended up with 2100 dollars in damage to our floors. Needless to say, that was the last time Jiffy Pop ever entered our house… 😀

    And my kids still give me crap, “Hey Dad, remember the time you almost burned down our house with Jiffy pop?” 😳