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    @Greg wrote:

    Personally, I feel the emphasis should be placed on when it makes the most sense to hold the memorial itself, not how it will affect the post-event gathering. I also feel that flying flags on two days may be difficult to coordinate. I think we should keep it simple and have one special day for it. Just my opinion…

    I actually believe that it would not add a significant amount to the coordination.

    1) It allows for more than one party to cover the same peak.

    There are some groups that would like specific peaks, either for personal or “list” reasons. The 2-day solution would cover both.

    2) Many hikers spend more than one day in the mountains.

    I believe that the number of hikers participating on both days would be high, maybe even over 50%.

    3) We had more than one team at a number of peaks.

    We could spread these out over two days as well.

    4) Each year generates a few more participants.

    I am already recieving e-mails from new hikers interested in next year’s event.

    5) Publicity was low this year.

    And yet we still covered all the peaks. Increase coverage early on with a strong call for more hikers for the two days would likely garner enough support.

    6) Two days increases participation.

    There are those that cannot participate on Sunday hikes (like me), and those who do 9/11 specific events (like Ken with Cops on Tops). Having the two day event will draw more hikers who can only do one day or the other.

    7) A better defined registration plan can alleviate signup confusion.

    We have about 9 months to develop and deploy a registration system that is fair and inclusive, as well as automated and simple. I’m certainly up for the challenge.