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@LOMU wrote:

How about keeping it on a volunteer basis like it was first started as? This looks like it’s forming into a business venture rather than a solemn remembrance event.

Are you willing to help pay to keep the site up? Otherwise we can relegate this back to a thread on another website.

Even the most solemn remembrance comes at a price and has overhead. Someone has to pay for the logistics. For this year it’s come for the most part out of my pocket, with a little help from a couple other folks.

I’m not in a place to shell out the full amount this year. I wish I were, but I’m not. Sorry.

My request for donations is so that we will not become a business venture. I’m not looking for compensation for the many hours we (the admin team) spend designing, programming and maintaining the site. I would just like to see the financial impact be minimal.

If you feel that this desire is greedy or a “venture” then I’ll happily set it down and allow someone more “giving” to take it over.