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    I already commented, somewhat negatively and got some agreement – but to address the questions.

    -Should we go there again next year? Why or why not?
    IMHO: It would pay to look elsewhere, but I would try it again it if they agree to put on more kitchen and wait staff. This might take a deposit. I’d be willing to put some of my money on the line. Mine was not the only group that went elsewhere to eat.

    -What was your favorite meal? Beverage?
    I’ve been happy with everything I ate there in the past.

    -What did you like most about the place?
    That we pretty much had the room to ourselves.

    -What did you like least?
    Long waiting for any kind of service.

    -What would you like to see done differently next year?
    To have the place better prepared for us.

    What would you like to see change? (And how will you change it?) As above, maybe a restaurant would committ to preparing better if they had a deposit to back up the head count. I’d chip in for the deposit. Also, if we have deposits – then people will be more committed to coming.