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-Should we go there again next year? Why or why not?If the group is the same size we should look for some place bigger.

-What was your favorite meal? Beverage?
I got the Tri-color Tortellini alfredo w chicken. It was really good. Also had a Tuckermans Ale, it was unique but I liked it.

-What did you like most about the place? I like the fact that we had a room all to ourselves..or not

-What did you like least? Not enough seating for everyone that wanted to eat

-What would you like to see done differently next year? Probably a bigger place if next years turnout is the same..or better

-What would you like to see change? (And how will you change it?) I’ll have to think about this one 🙂

OH and remember. Don’t eat the pork chops. I don’t think the 5 second rule applies for resturants especially when the drop occurs on the threshold to the men’s bathroom.
😆 [/i]