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The weather was perfect and the loop through Avalon, Field, Willey and Tom was great. The spirit on the trail was excellent.

I was really impressed by the way FoT48 organized the event. The shirts (I bought one) and the pens were lots of fun. The folks we met up with at Mooseland were great. It was fun to see familiar faces and see the faces that come with some of the names I’ve gotten to know.

We weren’t at all happy with the Mooseland Grill. I’ve eaten there before and it’s been fine, but they were in no way prepared for us when we got there a little after six and a little grouchy about it. When we got there we were told the wait for a table was about 40 minutes and the wait for food would be about the same. It was a struggle to get something to drink. One of us left immediately. The other four were hungry and didn’t stay long either. I hope we have a different place next year or negotiate a different set-up with Mooseland.