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@summit1 wrote:

We had a great day for the flags and great company for the hike to North Twin. We had alot of good comments about the flag and the whole idea of FOT48. We spotted flags on South Twin, Garfield, Lafayette, Lincoln, and Liberty. It was fun finally putting some faces with names at Mooseland. Sorry Greg, I never did get off my butt to come over to meet up with you, I guess I was being kind of lazy 😆 We had a great weekend, filled with great people and great views.

The North Twin Flag was obviously the easiest for us to spot. Also with the naked eye, we could see flags on Hale, Zealand and after confirming with the binoculars, Bond. With the binoculars, we could also spot flags West Bond, Liberty, Lafayette, Garfield, Carrigain (East side of the tower), Field, Tom, Flume, Lincoln, and (we think) Eisenhower and Monroe! 😮 Visibility was great and counting South Twin we were able to spot a total of 16 flags, or 1/3! 8) South Twin has some of the best views of many 4000’ers!