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    We had a wonderful time putting the flag on Hale. We had so many people that came through who stopped and had their moments on the cairn. Thanks to Scott, Sylvia and Jean for the company and carrying the flagpole, especially Sylvia for making the great memorial poster of her 4 friends that were lost that day. It made for some special moments on the peak.
    Thanks Lisa for the use of your flag, its history made the day even more meaningful.
    It was great to meet everyone at the Mooseland, you are all very special people. We are all planning to be there again next year, with an expanded crew.
    Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers with the website and the planning of the event, thanks for making sure that day and those souls Are Not Forgotten.
    Hopefully, we’ll see you on the trails.
    :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: