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    Myself and my 10 year old daughter Shannon hiked up the Valley Way on the evening of the 10th, to spend the night at the Madison Hut. We arrived around 8:30pm, to a full capacity hut (we were the last to arrive). After we established our bunks, we ate, played chess (she beat me), and socialized with some of the many people staying at the hut this night, including Mohammed Ellozy.

    On the morning of the 11th, I was up at 6:30am, but Shannon still has Z’s on her mind… It is was a beautiful day, and around 8:30, as we got ready for our climb, we met Laurie Burt (the president of the AMC, who was also staying there). She asked me what we were planning on hiking this day, and I told her all about the Flags on the 48, and that we were representing Mt. Adams. She seemed positive about the event, but did joking state “I won’t notify the Forest Service about what you are doing” 😀

    Shannon and I left the hut at 9:40 and start heading up to Adams. Once we approached the Gulfside Trail, we saw Kris (Little Bear) and her husband Dan waiting for us. We join forces and headed up to Adams.

    We arrived on the summit at 11:00am and relaxed for a while. At 11:30, we start putting together the flag pole, and at 11:50 we proudly raised Old Glory. There is not much of a breeze, but occasionally it was strong enough to make the flag wave. :flag:

    We were accompanied by a few other enthusiastic hikers who were taking pictures, and soon after I hear whistling coming from the west. A few friends of mine now come into view, Post’r Boy, Michelle (Chickety), Sue (Stinkyfeet), Andy, and Swamp Yankee were rising to the summit! What a surprise! They came up via King Ravine and the Great Gully Trail , such an easy route, you slackers 😉

    We sat around chatting and looking for other flags. We saw flags on Moriah, Madison, Wildcat D, and Jefferson. Such a beautiful day, and with the best company!

    We packed up at 2pm and started heading down. On the Airline trail, we came across a French Canadian hiker who told us that Sept 11th was in the past, and it was time for people to stop bringing it up. Life goes on, he said. Well it is because of ignorant people like him that I will be taking a flag up a mountain every year for as long as I am able. We will never forget!!!!

    Shannon and I arrived at the Mooseland at 7pm, and had a blast seeing old faces and some new ones. What a fantastic ending to such a memorable day! :beer: :flag: :beer: