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    @Stephen wrote:

    Need to hear from the following peaks still:

    Carter Dome
    Carter, Middle
    Eisenhower (Pleasant)
    Hancock, North
    Hancock, South
    Kinsman, North
    Osceola, East
    Pierce (Clinton)
    Owls Head
    Tripyramid, Middle
    Tripyramid, North
    Twin, North
    Wildcat A
    Wildcat D
    (28 peaks)

    The registrants for the peaks above were just sent the following e-mail:

    Happy Labor Day weekend!

    As we are 1 week away from the memorial, I am writing to ask everyone to confirm that they are ready to go for next weekend.

    You may confirm two ways:

    1) [preferred] Please post a message on our forum indicating your peak and your plan, in case there are those who wish to join up with you. You do not need to register with the forum in order to post here:

    2) If you are not comfortable posting, then please reply to this e-mail and let us know that you are still in and ready to go.

    We are working hard to assure 100% coverage this year. If you are unable to hike, please let us know ASAP as there are hiklers willing to take your place. If we have not heard from you by midnight Tuesday, we will open your peak up to other hikers to assure coverage.

    Finally, I look forward to seeing you at the Mosseland Grill in Twin Mountain, NH after the hike. You can read more about the Grill at:

    Good luck on your hike!

    and the rest of the FOT48 Admin Team

    There is one exception. I have a J King registered for Pierce, but I have no contact information for this hiker, and I cannot find any message relating to this peak.

    If anyone knows who this is, could you let me know ASAP how to contact this hiker? Thank you.