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>>I think we can all agree that some things were good (automation) and some weren’t (lockout on the additional hikers).<<

so that there are no “lockouts” if more want to do the same peak they could be numbered 1st alternate, etc., etc. when they sign up – if the first one backs out for some reason – the first alternate can become the “leader” (etc. etc.) – they would all be part of the “team” for that mountain to participate for that day, but there would at least be some way of being able to tell who is next in line to get it all together if someone can’t make it – – – also you would have thier e-mails on file to try to persuade some to go for un-covered peaks if they all don’t get covered – with the signups the way they are now if someone’s favorite peak is taken, you might lose them, you don’t even get thier e-mail address to contact them next year etc.