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    Here’s a thought. It combines a few ideas that have been shared over the past year:

    Make signups fully open. Anyone can sign up for anything. one a peak hits a certain number of signups (5 perhaps?) those folks can pick a peak leader who will be responsible for coordinating the effort on that peak (flag, pole, journal, pictures, etc).

    Have 5 or 6 people who will coordinate with the peak leaders. Divide the peaks into manageable groups, perhaps geographically. Each coordinator will be responsible for following up with the team leaders to make sure they are going to be there and that the peak will be covered. The coordinators can also be on a team, or can serve as a back-up if a peak in their area loses coverage.

    The coordinators will also be responsible for providing any human interest stories that would be interesting to media (ie, scout troops participating, affected family members, etc.)

    The coordinators and anyone else interested in helping lay the groundwork for the event will make up the steering team that meets before the event next year.

    Here’s a quick diagram: