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Frodo raises some valid points.

I like more structure with the ability to be flexible. Boy is that gray or what. 😉

I would be curious to know if the ones that felt snubbed have sought out the crews that have signed up for the peak already and asked if they could help/participate? Have they responded to the “on call” thread?

Just being honest here. Part of me would be upset if I hike a peak with the understanding that my crew’s responsibility is to raise the flag there only to find a flag already flying from another crew. This would probably last all of 12.5 seconds till I meet and greet that crew. I would be further upset, if say a few other peaks weren’t covered that day and perhaps my being or that crew being on-call could have helped remedied that.

Perhaps a peak is not taken till a total of ten sign-up for it? This would allow multiple crews and individuals to sign-up for them. Perhaps somehow forwarding email addresses automatically so those folks can do some planning (flagpoles/meeting times/car pools).

I strongly believe there is room for all. How we all get there is what healthy discussions are for. Boy…. conversations at the bar are going to be great. Don’t forget…I like Guinness! :beer: