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    How about, “it sucked good?” 😉

    I think, b/c of the interest a “lottery” type system makes some sense. Whereas people/crews sign-up for the event itself…not specifically the peak. I understand one’s desire to do a certain peak…however, if the demand/interest grows, avenues of including all need to be explored.

    This IMO would add to the build-up of the event. “Wow..i got such and such this year” and so on…

    It would keep people involved with the boards more. June/July sign ups?? July annoucements??..etc…??

    Leave it up to individual people/crews to make plans if they get assigned the same peak. Gets people more involved and closer as a community IMHO.

    Having said all that…I think this year continues to be a success. I would be interested to know the number of people who have expressed frustration.

    I would suggest as well a debrief meeting in October, much like the planning meeting. This way memories are fresh, momentum still there and an excuse to get together again.

    Sorry so long…I love logistics. 😆