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@dirt_girl wrote:

Hey…dirt_girl has a flag… 😀
A confirmation on Zealand Rd. bridge would be very kind of you SC, thanks.
Oh yes, the flag will be high enough to be seen from the Twins, Galehead and The Bonds. 🙄
Okay…I’m dreaming.
All kidding aside, I do have a plan that involves much PVC, couplings, bolts, screws, reinforcement materials, a flag and a bevy of miscellaneous guy stuff I can play with, to make it all happen.
I have also been fortunate enough to have some one sign on (always room for more) to go with. As part of the application process (oops forgot to be serious) I discovered he climbs trees and can carry heavy stuff. How cool is that?!?! Think I should tell him of my wicked plan now or wait until we’re on the trail….hummmm?

Hey dirt_girl, my crew did Zealand last year and we made it work without too much trouble. Be happy to tell how we did it if you’re interested… climbing of trees is not an option, nor is running guy lines, as the “forest” is way too dense to get through.