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    >>>This would be a great idea. Is there any way of contacting the party doing Washington this year? We still may have a veterans group helping out and it would be a great gesture if we could put some kind of mixed group together.<<<

    the same guy has done it twice so far so i assume he is doing it again – only problem is that his group has done it in the morning (so the flag would be up at the time the towers fell) that is why he also made it into a camping expedition (left at 8:30pm on 9/10) he must have thought i was interested in his climb since i was sent the e-mail about where & what time to meet him (i then informed him that i was doing n.y.) – – – i was told back in may that c.o.t. was doing 9/11 again in ’04 by the guy who started it, so i told him i’ll get n.y. again.