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    This would be a great idea. Is there any way of contacting the party doing Washington this year? We still may have a veterans group helping out and it would be a great gesture if we could put some kind of mixed group together.

    We may be jumping the gun on the sub-peaks sign in. I thought about this idea some more and maybe it would be better if we shelf the idea until next year. My reasoning is that we need to remember that this event is a Memorial Event. Flags on the 48 should be 48 flag displays from the mountains on the list. Adding sub-peaks, will in the future, take us away from one of our goals to fly on all 48. Hopefully the business cards idea will blossom, and get the word out to hikers all around. Right now we have about 150-175 persons involved in this. We need to let this grow a little before we expand to much. I’m going back on what i said in the first post but we need to remember to true roots of what we are doing. My bad! :flag: