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>>We should try to get some NYPD or FDNY folks to do Washington to also be included as part of the “Cops on Top” memorial.<<

washington was covered last year by a group for cops on top (and the previous year) – somehow i was on his group e-mail list for the climb – he left wednesday night with his group and they camped someplace on the way up and raised the flag thursday morning on the summit.

i tried to get more officers involved to do mt. marcy with me (a 5 hour ride from n.y.c.), but most of them have had too many donuts to make the 16 mile trip up marcy. and by the date the 4 others (2 from upstate n.y. with a shorter drive than me) said they couldn’t make it (enthusiasm dies out over time) so i went up wednesday night, hit a bear while doing 70 on the northway (the car still went)so, i climbed marcy thursday, went home, got another car and then went to south kinsman saturday.