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    Things are looking great! 8)

    Responding to SilentCal’s responses:

    1) I definitely think that we should still promote this event on other sites, for several reasons. We really need to include other interested hikers to increase the chance of all peaks being covered. Based on past events, just because people signed up did not mean that a flag was flown. The more people we have, the higher the probability. It also lets people get involved, who in turn will likely want to participate next year.

    2) As far as on-call hikers go, the big problem with this is with the flag bearers notifying us that they can’t make it, which has been a problem in the past. We need to emphasize that even if they have to cancel the night before, they need to notify us. Also, what do the on-call people do if there are no peaks available?

    3) I concur.

    4) Business cards are a great idea. I could have passed out a 100+ over the past 10 months to hikers I have met and talked about this event with. I’ll do a little research on this…

    5) The big problem that I see with establishing a list is where do you draw the line? There are over 100 non-NH48 scenic peaks that could be added just for the Whites alone (from 2000-5000′), and if you add in other states, it’s almost endless. It might be a more productive gesture just to allow people to sign up for a “sub-peak” of there choice.

    Just my 2 cents…