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    Stopped there today after a super Ike hike, spoke to Dawn (owner) and let her know that 50-60 of us are coming for her wonderful food on 9/11.

    All portions are most generous in size (read huge!)starting with a selection of 17 appetizers $3.25-$7.95.
    Soup and salads $2.95-$7.95.
    Burgers w/l,t,o and fries $5.50-$6.95.
    Club sandwiches with fries or pasta salad $5.95-$6.95.
    Dinner Entrees of beef, pork, chicken, pasta (lasagna, parmesan, marsala etc.) and a large selection of seafood $7.95-$17.95.
    Calzones and pizza (w/shrimp if wish!) $5.95-$16.50.

    In addition to the common beers, they have Red Rack, Tuckermans, Pig’s Ear, & Guinness.
    I guarantee you’ll love it!