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    Hello Dirt_Girl,

    You did a great job editing my original “history” summation, and I have no problems with Greg updating it.

    As for the original 6:

    After 3 days of being angry and confused, I started a thread on the AMC Hiker’s Journal on Sept 14th, 2001, looking for hikers to climb Mt Liberty with me to display a large flag. I owned a 3X5, and was looking for something bigger, so it could be seen from the summit. Margret Mary posted that she had a 8X12 (which was perfect!). We set a meeting time at the White House trailhead, and several other people emailed me stating that they would also be there.

    At 9:00am, on the 15th, Myself, Margret Mary (MMM), her husband Tony (a Police Officer), Gail L., her friend Joe, and surprise, surprise, Rob (The_Back_Country_Explorer), shows up. I have hiked with Rob in the past, but he is the only one I know personally (I had seen many of Gail and MMM’s post’s on the AMC site).

    At 9:00am we disperse the flag paraphernalia, and head up. After raising the flag, we experience what is hard to put into words…

    Numerous hikers show up, some crying, some praying, some reflecting, many taking picures, and all thanking us for proudly displaying such a beautiful sight, something so many of us took for granted before Sept 11th. Soon a youth church group shows up, and they start praying and speaking their thoughts about the emotional time we are in. I will never forget that day, ever…

    A few days later, we are all back online and decide to do something much grander for the 1 year anniversary. We form a committe, which Greg listed (and he was a key part of where we are today).

    After organizing the 2002 event, Margret Mary disappeared. Spencer also fell back. RJ, who did what Stephen is doing now, also disappeared. Gail has participated every year, and Greg is still a key guy.

    But the reason why we are still growing and improving is because of people like Greg, Stephen, SilentCal, MichealJ, MtnMagic, Jaytrek57, NH_Mtn_Hiker, and many others… Including you dirt_girl. Lets keep posting our thoughts to make this years event the best it can be…