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    Question: Who are the original 6?

    I not sure of all the initial six hikers, but I know Frodo, Gail Linehan, and Mary-Margaret were part of it. The original FOT48-2002 “committee” consisted of:

    Frodo – could very well be considered the catalyst of the Flags on the 48 event.
    RJ – I don’t see Richard much online anymore, and not on here at all, but he was critical in the FOT48-2002 as he accepted all sign-ups via Email and manually updated the sign-up file.
    Gail Linehan and MMM – part of the original crew up Liberty in 2001, along with Frodo
    giffordpinchot – FOT48-2002 “committee” member
    Me – Originally this event’s Web presence was hosted on AlpineZone and I had a similar role as I do now as site designer, although Stephen is now adopting much of that.

    There have been many other participants providing input along the way. Stephen came on board for FOT48-2003 as sign-up recipient and has now sort of taken the role as the primary administrator.