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    By my count 7 peaks left, not including “reserved”. While awesome, it may prevent/discourage more people from particpating…especially to my knowledge, since the blurb has not gone out to a lot of sites yet.

    Perhaps a standard “MORE HELPED APPRECIATED” (in a different color font) could be attached to the peak list for the crews that would enjoy meeting new people for this wonderful event? I also think that the “new” people’s name(s) should somehow be added to the peak list…people like it and are more committed if they see their names for some reason. They (different crews) can then communicate plans via email or PM.

    I do believe there should be some level of communication between people who may be doing the same peak. It would be an interesting dilema if let’s say 4 different crews, not communicating, were to hike up a peak. That’s a lot of PVC and duct tape being carried! Plus… :argue: but I honestly don’t think that would happen.

    Just some thoughts.