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I read your posting(s) on, and all I can say is you are so inspiring! You have been thru so much and you still want to participate. I am in awe…

For everyone else,

What’s is the plan for promoting the event? MichealJ is ready to post on VFTT. Who is planning on posting on the other sites? Unless someone else wants to, I will volunteer to email the GMC, ADK, & WOC sites (they have no forums, so emails to the key people are about as far as we can go).

I will also post on the Highpointer’s, RMC, and Backpackers’s site’s. I will also email Ken Leonard, who runs the GONE site (Get Outdoors New England), and he will add a message to his weekly email blurb which goes out to over 1000 registered users (we have had quite a few participate over the past 2 years)

We also need some volunteers to post on the AMC, AZ, and the ATC (and anything else people think of).

We also need to pitch in on some of these forums to keep the posts going for a little while. I do also strongly believe that overposting is a negative thing and will hurt our cause…

The only problem I foresee is that we are limiting the sign-ups and once a peak is taken no-one else can sign up. So what do we do if other people want to join in?