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    The estimate of 50 to 100 sounds good. People at the Mooseland tended to drift in at different times and some stayed and chatted for awhile while others had a ways to drive home and left early. The group photo shows nearly 30 people but I can think of several people that were not included that showed up. I thought the Mooseland was not that bad as it had a bar that people could sit at and tables for those who wanted to eat. If we were to all link up there again we would certainly have to give them advance notice of the throng they may have this year.

    Overall I think we covered quite a bit. We have some new blood injected this year and our goal of full coverage looks so much more promising! It was a pleasure camping and hiking with MtnMagic, Ghostdog, Greg, Stephen, MichealJ, Pepsi,Tim and Vicki, Tagalong and Sonicboom. Also swinging by were Little Bear, MilesMountain, and Escendo.