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    OK, here is how the new registration system currently works:

    User visits the sign-up page. Fields are:

    Name: (required)
    E-mail: (required)
    Remain Anonymous? (user can check off if they don’t want name displayed)
    Other Hikers: (optional)
    Comments: (optional)
    Available Peaks: (required)

    Next to available peaks is a drop down that only lists peaks that have not been taken.

    Upon hitting register, required info is checked, and, if missing, user is prompted to enter it. (Note, any info already entered does not need to be re-entered).

    Once all data is entered, the system checks again to make sure the peak is still available. This is to prevent multiple users loading the page at the same time, then both submitting. One will pass, the other will fail. First come, first served. If the peak has been taken, they will be requested to choose another. Again, all info already entered will not need to be reentered.

    Finally. if everything has passed to this point, then the user will be recorded in the table. The public peaks list will display the user’s name and the “other hikers”, but not the comments nor their e-mail address. If the user indicated “Anonymous”, then both the user’s name and the other hikers will be replaced with “Anonymous”.

    The user will then see a confirmation page, which will forward them to the main FOT48 site after 30 seconds. The system will also send a confirmation E-mail to me, Greg and the user indicating user’s name, other hikers, chosen peak, and comments:

    @FOT48 wrote:

    Date: 6/19/2004 23:06:06 -0400
    From: FOT48 Admin Team
    Reply-to: FOT48 Admin Team
    Subject: The8re has registered for FOT48-2004!

    The8re has registered to hike Waumbek for FOT48-2004.

    Also hiking will be:
    John, Paul, Ringo, George

    Comments are:
    To sit in solemn silence on a dull, dark dock…

    Be sure to visit for more information on the upcoming hike!


    and the rest of the FOT48 Admin Team.

    Note: This has been an automated response from the registration page at
    You may reply to this e-mail if you have questions about FOT48-2004.

    Finally, there is a “private” peak list that will display the user’s name (even if anonymous), other hikers, e-mail and comments next to their chosen peak. This list is passworded and access will only be granted to the FOT48 admin team, whoever that may be…

    For a demonstration, PM me and I will give you the address of the registration page.