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@Jaytrek57 wrote:

Ok… nothing has been posted in two weeks (just not right IMHO! 😉 ) so here it goes.

Just my feeling on this…but….I think it might be appropriate to discuss at the “planning” weekend/day…the appropriateness (god bless spellcheck!) of the level of political discourse in regards to FOT48.

First, it is an election year, and again IMHO, and FWIW (more acroynms please) it is irrelevent to the event itself…although I can see threads/discourse perhaps going off tangent here…particularly…if people with a vested/long time/short time? interest in this event veer in that direction.

Second…well I have no second…just thinking off the top of my head and perhaps my first is irrelevent? 😮


I think it is a very good thought.

I’m guessing that we take it as it comes. The mission statement for FOT48 addresses the political nature (or lack thereof) of the event. If the tangent occurs, then I’d propose re-iterating the mission statement, and, if the tangent continues, locking the thread with a reference to our desire to stick to the mission.

My $.02