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My favorite time outdoors during the early part of the year is April and early May. Snow and ice remains on the mtns. Warm days, cool nights — perfect for hiking, camping, and my favorite — sitting around the campfire after a hard day of hiking! The valleys and the rest of the land up here see “mud season.” No bugs! About the middle of May the state bird hatches.

Late May to mid June is the worst, bug wise. They all hatch and are starving. Moist leaves are not sufficent enough. We and all animals are part of their food chain. Moose are the smartest animals. They spend their days submerged right up to their eyes. Watch out though — they move around in the dark and are most difficult to see!

If the end of June heats up, like it *sometimes* does, the hot weather dimimishes the population. If it is just warm, damp, and rainy, gosh do they multiply. Btw working in the garden, even in direct sun, the smell of the earth and us (C02) excites the bugs to the point where you just give up. We stay indoors to avoid the masses.

There will be bugs at the end of June, less then the middle of the month, a lot less than the early part of the month. The secret is 3 or more days of 90 degree temps to dehydrate the life out of them.

Late April/ Early May sees absolutely no bugs. Unless super hot, dry weather
hatches them early. A delicate balance of nature.
I vote for late April/ Early May. No bugs!