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The patches are now officially on order. I left off the year so that people from last year, who did not participate this year, can also use them. I am also not accepting any donations for these patches, but I do thank everyone for offering. The people who participate in this event are top notch! You donate your time, energy, and sweat to haul a flag and a pole up a mountain and you do it all for remembrance. A cause that can never be forgotten. There should be more people in this great nation like you (too many take it for granted). You rock!

Those of you who have contacted me, expect your patches to arrive in the mail in 3 weeks.

Those of you who personaly know me (and as I think about it, are quite a few), I will give you your patches personally, several of you at work :D, and a few of you on our upcoming Katahdin trip.

We can never forget Sept 11, and we hope to see you all with flags flying high next year…

On every mountain side, let freedom ring….