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From Beth, Justin, and Spanky

Peak Name: Waumbek

Short description of rigging and pole system: My son (Justin), dog (spanky), and I (Beth Clark) did plant our flag on Mt. Waumbek from 11:55 to 2:00 pm on Saturday. All we had was a small detachable pole and flag that we used, but it surely did the trick. It was the same flag we used last year. We actually had a couple from Massachusetts that came up almost running for fear they had missed the flag. We meet several people who thanked us for taking the flag up to the top, and even more who wanted to know how they might get involved next year. I directed them to your web site. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share this experience with my son. It gave us time to reflect on the world today and how precious life is.

Any suggestion on improvements/changes for next year (optional):I really can’t think of any. It was a great time and I think that the publicity in it self will keep this an event one that will return year after year.